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Information about AIMEE

AIMEE - Ambulant Intelligent Machine Engineered for Exploration

AIMEE is a four-legged bio-inspired robot. The central point in the development of this robot is the task to find victims in devastated areas and to dispatch information about these victims to the operator who can forward this information to rescue workers in the area.

Our Task in this project is to extend AIMEE with additional sensors and to replace existing components with better and more functional parts. These changes have the goal to accomplish more difficult terrain and to advance the sighting of victims.

The "heart" of AIMEE is the so called "student-board". It was developed by the company Phytec and works with a Motorola MPC565-Microcontroller. The board provides sufficient possibilities to control the existing servo-motors and sensors.

The following sensors are installed at the moment.
  • gyroscope
  • pitch sensors
  • monochrome camera
  • microphone
  • infrared sensors

Through the installation of a laser scanner it will be possible to generate a map of the terrain. Additionally AIMEE will be equipped with new servo-motors which have the ability to monitor the energy absorption. The existing monochrome camera will be replaced by a color camera with integrated microphone and infrared light to improve the orientation of the operator in the area. A CO2-sensor should give information about the state of a found victim. A last consideration is to attach heat-sensors.

technical specification:
  • weight: 4 kilograms
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