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Attended competitions

14.-20. June 2006 RoboCup Worldcup in Bremen

The project "Rescue Robotics" (2005 - 2007) took place at this competition with the robot AIMEE. The RoboCup in Bremen was the secons large event the project participated at. Unfortunately the good result from the RoboCup European Open in Eindhoven cound not be repeated. Several wireless network problems avoided a goo result. The positive aspects of this competition were the new graphical user interface and the mapping. Both of this parts worked flawless. Consolation was spent by the fact, that not only our team achieved zero points because of malfunctioning wireless network problems. A big part of the teams had problems like we had. Although, the won experiences over the robot in action and the conversation with the members of the other teams were very useful.

The website of the RoboCup Rescue competition in Bremen. More information

05.-09. April 2006 RoboCup European Open in Eindhoven, Niederlande

This competition was the first the project "Rescue Robotics" (2005 - 2007) was contributing at. The robot AIMEE was used in this competition. The second place was achieved at first go. Teh mapping ans the robot worked satisfyingly. The first contact with the RobuCup can be counted as a success. This success marks the basis for further development and the RoboCup worldcup in Bremen. Unfortunately the conversations with other team members was very mean, because of the small number of participants.

The website of the RoboLudens: More information (engl)

RoboCup Woldcup in Osaka, Japan July 2005 11th to 19th

The "Laufroboter" Project (2003 - 2005) took part in the 2005 RoboCup WoldCup. The participating robots were AIMEE and SCORPION
The RoboCup in Osaka was the second big event the project was participating in. 26 teams from all over the world took part in this event. The final round was missed very shortly by just reaching the 14th place. The first 13 teams could take part in the final round.
For the first time AIMEE and SCORPION were used simultaneously. Unfortunately the start into the competition was suboptimal. The pictures of the camera were faulty, so no victim could be identified. The following two runs were much better, so the 14th place can be rated as a success.
The new won cognizances about the robtos in use and the talks to other participators from the other teams were very useful and enlightening.

The "Laufroboter" project is the predecessor project of the "Rescue Robotics" project. More information

RoboCup German Open in Paderborn April 2005 8th to 10th

The "Laufroboter" Project (2003 - 2005) took part in the 2005 RoboCup German Open. The participating robot was AIMEE. The Goal of this competition is to find human victims in devastated office environments. These are to be identified by different characteristics (i.e. visual, aural and thermal) and to be marked on a therefore generated map.
AIMEE achieved an excellent third place in the orange area. Due to the fact that this was the first participation in a competition of this kind, new knowledge about what to improve on AIMEE for further competitions was aquired as well.

The "Laufroboter" project is the predecessor project of the "Rescue Robotics" project. More information
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